Our Story

Can one bowl define your city, your province or your country? Can food speak to the people and flavours of a specific region? We love noodles, and our mission is to make ramen that reflects our unique geography. Hence: Prairie Noodle Shop. 

Ramen may be rooted in Japanese culture, but it’s defined by the region in which it is made. Simply put: Ramen is home. Our dishes have been thoughtfully created using high-quality ingredients and locally-sourced proteins. The result: Delicious ramen with intricate flavours unique to Alberta. For example, our Prairie Pork Ramen that uses the whole pig, sweet corn and smoky umami flavours. 

That philosophy of terroir and innovative flavours carries through our entire menu. Award winning Chef Eric Hanson and his kitchen crew are always coming up with unique plates for our visitors. From whiskey flavoured ice cream to wild game baos, there's always something interesting cooking in our kitchen! 

The passion we have for creating  unique and delicious food helps us to keep telling our story. 

One bowl at a time.

Our Thanks

We have been lucky to go down this path and we couldn't have got to where we are without the support of our community. There are many people to thank for helping us along the way:

First and foremost, chefs Stephen Baidacoff (@SBaidacoff) and Wendy Mah (@wenDmah), who helped us create our first four bowls and turn our concept into a reality. The Prairie Noodle team wishes them both all the best in their future endeavours wherever they go. Their talent, commitment, and passion for what they do left a lasting influence on our team.

For all of the help we received with the four Pop Ups that got us started:

  • Kathryn Joel of Get Cooking Edmonton for helping us get our idea off the ground, introducing us to our consulting chefs, and providing a space for our first two events.
  • Daniel Huber, AKA the burly chef, for hosting our third event on short notice and being such a great supporter all around.
  • Brent Murton & the team at Ernest’s, NAIT’s Fine Dining room, for helping us put together our last pop-up in style and providing such professional staff to help us handle our grand finale!

To all our loyal ramen lovers that have supported us and spread the word about our little venture:

Suppliers (AKA FOOD!!)

  • D’Arcy’s Meat Market: Supplying all of our meats in the early days when we were experimenting with our recipes and continuing to be our butcher in the shop.
  • Irvings Farm Fresh: Providing our first pig for the very first pop up.
  • Doc Johnston’s Old Tyme Honey from Josephburg Alberta (Jeff Johnston on Instagram @badnewsjohnston)
  • Sylvan Star Cheese: What else? CHEESE!!!!

The folks that helped us get into our brand new space:

  • Beljan Developments: Our awesome Landlord (and we’re not just saying that because we’re paying them rent)!
  • Be Something:  Our brand guru and interior design magician, the team at Be Something started with our logo and really made the space reflect who we are.
  • Retrofit Design: Expertly handling the construction of our space.
  • Russell Food Equipment: Helping us plan the kitchen space and picking all the right equipment to make your ramen.
  • Knock-Out Graphic Architectural Products: Creating the beautiful back panels to our bench.
  • Oliver APT: The extraordinary wood workers responsible for the bars, benches, tables, and our noodle bar.
  • Credo Coffee: For basically allowing us to set up a temporary headquarters located in their space (and fueled by their coffee).
  • ATB for their support and ATB BoostR crowdfunding platform which helped us to make sure we made a great space.
  • Futurpreneur for helping us get us on our feet early on.
  • Manasc Isaac: They helped us find the right space and put the right team together to build the space.

And of course, all of the surrounding businesses and the 124th Street Business Association for giving us such a warm welcome to the neighbourhood!