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Bringing people together

We believe that great noodles can bring people together and we LOVE noodles – all kinds of noodles. We make ramen because it's something so many of us grew up with in one form or another. From the instant variety we found in school, to the craft noodles found in shops across Japan and now North America.

It’s simple, but it’s complex. The broth has depth, the noodles are springy, and the flavours change from region to region. Ramen makes people happy – it’s pretty hard to be miserable after having a great bowl!

Prairie Noodle Shop makes prairie inspired ramen, and our focus is to serve quality ingredients, locally sourced proteins, and innovative flavour profiles that respect the origins of the dish. Ramen is a regional cuisine influenced by wherever that particular ramen comes from and that’s what we create.

Asian noodles inspired by prairie flavours.

Locally Inspired

Our mission is to make delicious food that reflects our unique geography. Our noodles give you a taste of our region's flavours like sweet corn, smoked gouda, and prairie pork!

Locally Sourced

All of our proteins are sourced locally from independent, high-quality producers. This includes our vegetarian bowl as well (who doesn't like smoked gouda?).

Locally Involved

We love our community and it's important for us to be an active part of it. Whether we're participating in school fundraisers, or showcasing local talent with pop up events, we're always looking for ways to support others.